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Crews are seeing an increase in pedestrians entering the work zone, particularly young children. We want everyone to be safe during construction, so please review and share these tips with your family:


The sewer line being installed is 66 inches in diameter, which is larger than a typical water or sewer line. Due to the size of the pipe, the project requires large equipment and the work zone has trenches in excess of six feet wide and 20 feet deep. Truck traffic and materials are also present in the work zone. All of these factors combine to create a dangerous area for pedestrians and vehicles. Children should not be in the work zone at any time, including when work is not occurring. Equipment, materials and trenches are not a playground. It is illegal to trespass in a work zone; trespassers could be charged or cited.

Avoid distractions such as using cell phones or GPS, eating, drinking, and having conversations near the project limits. Keep your full attention on the road. 



Drivers should reduce speed when traveling near and through the closure area. Speeding puts crew members, your passengers, and yourself at risk. Give workers extra room to work and be prepared to stop if needed. Obey all posted speed limits. keep extra space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.  

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